What is Biochar – Terra Pretta ?

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I am sure by now you have heard about biochar – terra pretta. If you really want to understand what it  is and how it was discovered have a look at the video below. It will fill in all the blanks about this amazing natural product.

I use biochar and have found it to really benefit the soil. The results have been better produce and plants that are thriving  I mix it into my home made growing soil mix

Biochar is not a fertiliser it promotes the life in the soil. It creates a place for all the good micros to live and thrive.

How I use and make Biochar in my garden

As of today I have not bought a commercial  product. As I have found it difficult to source and do not have the place to make my own. I basically make my own by using a good brand charcoal sourced from the local hardware or BBQ store. The charcoal needs to be produced from good clean natural woods. No added additives just charcoal produced from untreated wood. Remember the charcoal needs to be activated by soaking in a compost tea, worm juice or urine for a couple of days. This will boost and accelerate how it works with in the soil.

If you would like to see how I make and activate it, you can head over to my post on “How I make and activate biochar”

The good thing about using biochar is that it only needs to be done once as it remains in the soil for hundreds or years. That said it’s a good ideal to aim to get the ratio of biochar in the soil up to about 20 percent of the mix if possible.

Please remember, it’s not a fertiliser it creates an ideal environment for the soil life to to thrive which in turn will benefit the soil and promote growth in the plants.


3 thoughts on “What is Biochar – Terra Pretta ?

  1. Jean

    Mmm. An interesting post, I am wondering if the ash and charcoal from the cob oven could benefit the health of the soil in my garden. I need to do some research – unless you have the answer?

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